We are a Cuban-Polish marriage since 2008. We met in Wroclaw


Yaremi de las Mercedes Kordos is a professional Cuban artist who has been performing in Poland for 14 years. Her professional level is evidenced by the fact that in 2019 as the first artist from Cuba she gave a recital on the Polish Radio Program III in the studio of Agnieszka Osiecka. The concert was broadcast on December 15, 2019 on the waves of Program III.

She appears in various TV programs like: All Together Now, Question for breakfast, your face sounds familiar or XFactor

She appears in TV commercials: Play, Książęce, Ariel, Oshee and others

In 2019 she had 72 performances in Poland and abroad! We travel a lot and want to share our knowledge and show

Cuban culture, because it is not a secret that Cuba is a very exotic country and Poles, and not only them, love such climates.


Antoni Kordos has always been associated with football, and with many years of experience in the so-called corporate world. In love with Cuba, which he had been lucky to visit eight times


Our ambition is to increase knowledge about Cuban culture in Poland and knowledge about Polish culture in Cuba, in all its forms.