Yaremi de las Mercedes Kordos

Only in 2019 Yaremi held 72 performances, of which; 1 in the Polish Radio Concert Hall Program III, 4 abroad in Germany, Italy and Ukraine, 6 in Culture Centers, 3 in concert halls of the Philharmonic and music theaters, 36 clubs, 2 festivals, 16 company meetings and 5 in the nationwide media

Activities in the media

Pytanie na śniadanie

Gdynia Radio

Polish Radio Program III

Eska radio

Cooperation with the media

Pytanie na śniadanie

All together now

Your face sounds familiaESKA

Gdynia Radio

Europe can be liked

Traveling with a joke


Just Salsa


Live concerts


We want to show you our live concerts from time to time. We will keep you up to date on the home page.